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În viaţă există lucruri mult mai îngrozitoare decît moartea BR Anna Ahmatova

În viaţă există lucruri mult mai îngrozitoare decît moartea
Anna Ahmatova

Nautilus Pompilius

Nautilus Pompilius (band)
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(Nautilus Pompilius – Vzglead s ekrana/Privirea din ecran unul din hiturile perestroikai)

Nautilus Pompilius (Russian: Наутилус Помпилиус), sometimes abbreviated as Nau (Russian: Нау), was a prominent Russian rock band formed in Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg) and active between 1983 and 1997. They were an influential band in the post-punk, New Wave wing of Russian rock music. Some of their early hits are popularly associated with the Perestroika period. Their songs accompanied the movie Brother (Брат). Since the group disbanded, lead singer and front man Vyacheslav Butusov has launched a successful solo career.

Il’ya Kormiltsev was a key contributor as a songwriter and producer.

(Nautilus Pompilius – Guliati po vode / Plimbarea pe ape)

They released close to 20 albums.

Among their most well-known songs are: “Walks on water” (“Прогулки по Воде”), “Farewell letter (Прощальное письмо)” (“Goodbye, America! (Гудбай, Америка)”), “The look from the screen” (“Взгляд с экрана”), “Khlop-khlop” (“Хлоп-хлоп”), “The khaki sphere” (“Шар цвета хаки”), “Bound by one chain” (“Скованные одной цепью”), “I want to be with you” (“Я хочу быть с тобой”), “On the shore of the nameless river” (“На берегу безымянной реки”), and “Tutenkhamun” (“Тутанхамон”).

“Nautilus pompilius” is the scientific name of a species of cephalopod commonly known as the Chambered Nautilus.

(V.Butusov – Devushka / Fata … scos dupa ce a inceput sa cinte solo)

1 November, 2006
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  1. DK
    November 2nd, 2006 @ 4:07 pm

    Pe mine m-a cucerit in primul rand albumul “Titanik” din 1994. Cap-coada si in toate trei variantele lui – cea de studio, cea live si “Titanik na Fontanke”. Visatorie de cea mai inalta clasa.

  2. miki
    March 24th, 2007 @ 4:18 am

    Dupa ce am citit Nascut in URSS, am inceput sa caut muzica ale carei versuri erau traduse in carte..De placut mi-au placut mai multe …Nautilus Pompilus – Privirea din ecran, Sfera kaki, Goodbye America…Cel mai mult ca muzica mi-a placut insa Sektor Gaza si Agata Kristi….si DDt are cateva misto, Kino nu prea mi-a placut…mai sap

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